Haiku ~ eight

above it all
milk moon

Broken Haiku ~ four

At dawn
torn roses litter our bed:
storm damage.


Photo credit: Cottonbro at Pexels

Haiku ~ seven

frozen on grass-tips
tall blades bow.

Broken Haiku ~ Three

Twilight blinks
upon the road
a lifeless deer:
pearl balled in mirrored eye.

© Amanda Gilmour 2021

Originally published in Northwords Now Literary Magazine.

Photo by Shakhawat Shaon from Pexels

Broken Haiku ~ Two

Oriental lily
stains the wings
of a white butterfly,
©Amanda Gilmour 2021

Originally published in Northwords Now Literary Magazine.

Image credit: Krzysztof Niewolny @ Pixaby. 

Broken Haiku ~ One

At dusk
the dim flicker
of a dying star.


(Breaking the 5-7-5 rule.)

Photo credit: Word Swag

Haiku ~ Six

Above the city
light pollution leaks amber 
into the pearl moon.


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Haiku ~ Five

Atlantic waves slice
the sun in half, a semi-
circle melting.


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Highland Dawn

Beautiful poem: Highland Dawn from The Baron’s Blog.

By request from Amanda at https://bonny-highlands.com/2021/11/05/haiku-three/

View into Kalapa Valley Ingonish from the Keltic Lodge

November Morning

Still and quiet;

The mountains purple-ish, brooding, naked and powerful in the morning chill.
Frost and mist
Crowning them, hovering
Filled with blessings and mystery.

And you can glimpse through that
and see
beyond all, above all
Bright virgin morning blue
Another layer of freshness, of depth, of delight
Of sky.

Pulsing wingbeat of spiralling sound.

The mist has suddenly disappeared
Clouds gather in presence and softness
Now surrounded with more pervasive and resplendent blue
Radiating oatmealing colours of
Golden butter and motherly creams
Warmed by the thickening sun of a fresh, throbbing day.

Highland Dawn!

Kalapa Valley Ingonish (where I was blessed to live for a short while)

November 7 1999, dawn-time.

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Bonnie Broukit Venus: Poem

Bonnie, Broukit Venus
After, The Bonnie Broukit Bairn -
Hugh MacDiarmid

Above it all in the silence of 
space, Venus in a green 
silk goun, untouched by 
ills from breathy droplets, given
through whispers in social
distance—well known to
the stars—but, never for them a
thochtie sparing by human-kind
oblivious minds.

Beyond the gloaming
when nightfall’s a’blinking,
bonnie broukit Venus opens 
her eyes and cries for the mess 


(Image credit: Pexels Free Photos)

Haiku ~ Four

Petal filigrees
press stencil patterns on snow
echoing full bloom.

Haiku ~ Three

The whisper of dawn
dappled with rose-gold hues, seeps
into inky skies.

Haiku ~ Two

As I burn your soul
onto paper, a butterfly
lands on my pen.

Haiku One

Lingering sun glow
blows kisses to the sky
awakening the stars