after The Bonnie Broukit Bairn, Hugh MacDiarmid, 

Bonnie, Broukit Venus

Above it all, the silence of 
space—Venus in a green 
silk goun—untouched by 
ills of breathy droplets, given
through whispers in social
distance, well known to
the stars, but never for them a
thochtie sparin’ by human-kind,
remaining blind.

Beyond the gloaming, 
when twilight’s a’blinking,
bonnie broukit Venus opens 
her eyes a’ fore the mune and 
greets for the mess below.

Amanda~Louise Gilmour 2020


I waited near the hill 
for you to never come— 

watching raindrops, 
kindled by sunlight, 
become a collision
of stars on tarmac—

but it was cold, and 
my blood burned blue, 
not red, never red, 
not since you.

Amanda Gilmour 2020


Snowflakes in sunbeams
settle upon pink petals—
a summer surprise.

Amanda Gilmour 2020



A breeze whispers to
the peony roses, expelling
scents of Mum.

A. G. 2020

Documenting sertraline/zoloft withdrawal through Haiku.
Withdrawal day 3.
Current dose 100mg.
Symptoms: smelling things that aren't there, nausea, headache, dry mouth, depersonalisation, vivid dreams.



Half a pill less 
thaws my heart's frosty fringe
but the freeze remains.

A. G. 2020


Wind strewn rose petals
pale from red to pink when
winter bites summer.

Amanda~Louise Gilmour © 2020


Fluttering past
sibilant trees—butterflies
bleached in solstice sun.

© Amanda~Louise Gilmour 2020

Haiku ~ two

Sparkling star-like on 
roses, dewdrops ignited 
by sunrise.

Amanda~Louise Gilmour © 2020 

Haiku ~ one

Gauzy clouds veil sun-
down, diluting the scarlett 
sky, salmon-pink.

Amanda~Louise Gilmour © 2020


Breathy droplets 
(suspended between dust motes)
drown my flailing lungs.

© Amanda~Louise Gilmour 2020

Spring Storm Haiku

At dawn, torn 
blossoms litter the lawn:
storm damage.


Haiku Wishes

Puff faces, feather light 
wishes,waltzing with winds:
dandelion fluff.

Snowy-Spring Haiku

Spring dawn wakens to
susurrus snowflakes yawning
beside cherry blossoms.

Dawn Haiku

At first blush, lilac
hues seep into clouds resting
under rising rays.


At dawn, nothing stirs
but fallen baby blossoms
caught a-whirl in wind.

Haiku, by Amanda Gilmour.


If only I could
sleep and inhabit dreams where
I wander freely.

Amanda~Louise Gilmour

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He grew delicate
roots inside me,
brittle as glass.

by Amanda Gilmour

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At Oldshoremore, the
aurora borealis
waltzes over stars
while I collect broken shells
bathed in rose-gold glow.

by Amanda~Louise Gilmour