Haiku ~ eight

above it all
milk moon

Broken Haiku ~ four

At dawn
torn roses litter our bed:
storm damage.


Photo credit: Cottonbro at Pexels

Haiku ~ seven

frozen on grass-tips
tall blades bow.

Broken Haiku ~ One

At dusk
the dim flicker
of a dying star.


(Breaking the 5-7-5 rule.)

Photo credit: Word Swag

Bonnie Broukit Venus: Poem

Bonnie, Broukit Venus
After, The Bonnie Broukit Bairn -
Hugh MacDiarmid

Above it all in the silence of 
space, Venus in a green 
silk goun, untouched by 
ills from breathy droplets, given
through whispers in social
distance—well known to
the stars—but, never for them a
thochtie sparing by human-kind
oblivious minds.

Beyond the gloaming
when nightfall’s a’blinking,
bonnie broukit Venus opens 
her eyes and cries for the mess 


(Image credit: Pexels Free Photos)

Haiku ~ Four

Petal filigrees
press stencil patterns on snow
echoing full bloom.

Haiku ~ Two

As I burn your soul
onto paper, a butterfly
lands on my pen.

Haiku One

Lingering sun glow
blows kisses to the sky
awakening the stars