Haiku ~ three

On the old apple
blossom, crispy petals bloom
into white butterflies.

Amanda~Louise Gilmour © 2020

Haiku ~ two

Sparkling star-like on 
roses, dewdrops ignited 
by sunrise.

Amanda~Louise Gilmour © 2020 

Haiku ~ one

Gauzy clouds veil sun-
down, diluting the scarlett 
sky, salmon-pink.

Amanda~Louise Gilmour © 2020


Breathy droplets 
(suspended between dust motes)
drown my flailing lungs.

© Amanda~Louise Gilmour 2020

Spring Storm Haiku

At dawn, torn 
blossoms litter the lawn:
storm damage.


Haiku Wishes

Puff faces, feather light 
wishes,waltzing with winds:
dandelion fluff.

Snowy-Spring Haiku

Spring dawn wakens to
susurrus snowflakes yawning
beside cherry blossoms.

Dawn Haiku

At first blush, lilac
hues seep into clouds resting
under rising rays.


At dawn, nothing stirs
but fallen baby blossoms
caught a-whirl in wind.

Haiku, by Amanda Gilmour.


Dawn's ghostly whisper,
dappled with rose-gold hues, seeps
into inky skies.

by Amanda Gilmour


In the gloaming sky,
pink hues seep from sundown, while
amber-tinged clouds bloom.

by Amanda~Louise Gilmour


A sprinkle of stars
burn into nightfall, veiling
the moon's penumbra.

by Amanda~Louise Gilmour


His ashes dust hills,
feeding wildflowers, waltzing
with wild winter wind.

by Amanda~Louise Gilmour


In between shadows,
moonlight illuminates cats
fighting on spring grass.

by Amanda~Louise Gilmour


Petal filigrees
press stencil 
patterns on snow,
echoing full bloom.

by Amanda-Louise Gilmour


Atlantic waves slice
the sun in half, a semi-
circle melting.

by Amanda Gilmour

Amber Moon

Amber Moon

Above the city,
light polluted night leaks
amber into the moon.

by Amanda-Louise Gilmour


Icicles tinkle

on a sleeping blossom tree

twinkling in the sun.


Hanging from the bough,

a solitary ice strand

bathes in dawning glow.